Why is Music in SchoolImportant?

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Contest for Students grades K-8*

We are asking all students grades K-8: Why is music education in school important?
Whether they have a rich music program in their school OR no access to music education; we want to hear what they have to say.

All entries must be written and submitted by a parent or legal guardian on this site to qualify.

If you would like to supplement your submission by sending a video, you may email us the file. Video not required and does not enhance your chances of winning. It is nice though! 😀 

*Rules & Restrictions Apply 


Download our one sheet with contest instructions.

Hand it out to your students and their parents. CLICK HERE



  • jordan-fisher

    1. Host a performance by Jordan Fisher at your school

    Jordan Fisher: Triple Threat singer-songwriter, actor straight off his break out roles in Grease Live and Hamilton.


    2. A Piano Grant for your school OR school in need.

    Keys+Kids Grant: Includes a Casio Grand Hybrid piano and three keyboards to support school programs.

    *Rules & Restrictions Apply

    Additionally, anyone entered into any Save The Music contest will automatically be entered to win the Play It Forward GRAND PRIZE.

    Need inspiration?

    Check out these Save The Music students telling us why they think music in school is important:

    Jayden, 8th Grade

    Donyea, 6th Grade



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Any questions, email us at playitforward@vh1savethemusic.com



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