Why is Music in SchoolImportant?


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Why Is Music Education In School Important?

As stated by Plato,

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

I have always known music. It has been with me my entire life, even when my dad would softly sing into my mom’s belly, into my heart. I hear it in my mother’s laugh, and my father’s voice. I even hear it in my baby sister’s patterned heartbeat, a timed signature of 4/4, or 120 beats per minute. But most importantly, music is heard in all of us.

Music - it’s surprising how it’s taken for granted. How we can just listen to it, but not really feel its burning passion, its love, its beauty. It has lived for generations, shifting, molding, and being inspired by cultures and tradition. Music is a lively summer, never ending in its sound. But, it can be the cool winter, soft and melodic. It can be as down pouring as a rainy day, making you feel it’s emotions with every second of hearkening it. For some students, music can be a second heartbeat, their entire world. But for others, it can mean nothing - not even a passing thought. But shouldn’t we reinforce the importance of music in our schools?

Creative thinking is crucial in our learning community, and music plays a big role in being a learning gateway to creativity. It can change the mindsets, of many students everywhere. Creativity is very important in the advancement of the mind as well. A mind with no creativity will have no social, mental, or emotional development. But, with music, students will be able to express themselves more freely through music. Albert Einstein once said, “I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.” As stated in this quote, Einstein sees himself in music, and it helps him to think and reference his life to it. So why can’t we do this with our students in our schools as well?

Being able to express your emotions is very important to a developing child, and although doing this may be hard, it is not impossible. Music opens the feelings of many students and helps them be able to express themselves more easily. It also heightens self-esteem, and it helps to deal with anxiety. This is extremely important, and with music, we can help to make a huge impact on the progress on many students’ minds. Lastly, music extremely boosts your self-confidence. Having the satisfaction of playing an instrument can make a big impact on the way that they develop, and the way they see themselves. I know I have experienced this firsthand because before music, I felt like I didn’t mean a lot. But, when I found music, everything changed for me. The way I viewed myself improved, and I bet the same has happened to many others. So, let’s continue to change the minds of our students through music, one step at a time.

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